It is the Duty of Liable Individuals to Compensation those Injured because of Their Mistake

The odds of sustaining severe injuries or getting killed in an accident are always high for motorcycle riders due to their lack of protective gears other than the helmet. This lack of protection, in fact, makes riders 20 times more likely to die in a crash accident compared to drivers of cars and other motor vehicles.

Motorcycle accidents are either single-bike crashes or multiple-vehicle accidents. The more common type of motorcycle accident involves no other person or vehicle aside from the rider and his/her bike. It includes accidents, such as crashing into a concrete barrier, a lamp post or any other road fixture, or crashing on asphalt after running on a patch of gravel, sand or leaves. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) points to alcohol use and speeding as the two major causes of single-bike accidents; both factors greatly reduce a riders’ capability to react to emergency road situations on time, as well as make a rider lose control of his/her bike easily.

Multiple-vehicle accidents, on the other hand, though not as frequent as single bike crashes, are more deadly, nonetheless. This type of motorcycle accident can be due to a driver of another motor vehicle getting distracted, is impaired due to alcohol or illegal drug, failing to notice an approaching motorcycle or simply refusing to acknowledge and respect a motorcyclist’s right of way.

Head-on collision, rear-end collision and side impact are the deadliest types of multiple-vehicle motorcycle accidents as these can easily severely injure, disable or kill a rider. Based on NHTSA records, an average of about 4,500 motorcycle riders die every year, while another 90,000 suffer injuries.

IAs explained in the website of the law firm Zavodnick, Zavodnick & Lasky, LLC, “There is nothing quite like the feeling of freedom one gets from riding a motorcycle, which is why so many people in the world today continue to make the choice of an increased risk of injury by riding a motorcycle.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has been raising the bar on vehicle safety every year by requiring more and more standard safety equipment and making crash tests more difficult to pass. Despite these vast improvements, driver awareness still remains the leading cause of all vehicular accidents. Lack of awareness is not a valid excuse for causing these accidents as almost every motorcycle accident requires emergency medical services. The emotional damage from a motorcycle accident is an often under-looked consequence, but many motorcycle riders involved in an accident suffer from such great mental trauma they are unable to ride ever again.

Thus, even with today’s advanced safety equipment, now standard on many motor vehicles, bike accidents still occur far too frequently as motorcycles are often too small for many of these modern safety features to issue a warning in time. These accidents are often unintentional but when the negligence of one driver causes serious injury to a motorcycle rider, it is their duty to pay compensation for their mistake.”