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Dealing with Injuries in the Workplace

Accidents do happen, but when they occur within the workplace, the damages may not only be for the injured worker but also the company as well. Companies have lost millions of dollars after being filed with personal injury lawsuits by workers who have been injured during their employment. Although these worker’s are covered with workers’ compensation, the company may still be held liable if they neglected their duty of ensuring the safety and wellbeing of their workers.

As reported on the website of Scudder & Hedrick, PLLC, despite the recent updates in ensuring workplace safety, there are still companies that tend to disobey safety rules and regulations given by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) that have lead to many life-threatening or life-altering injuries or sickness. Worker’s compensation does help in providing financial assistance to injured workers, but they may not be enough to cover for the expense or the accident was purely preventable and occurred due blatant neglect of worker’s safety. Worker’s compensation is protection for both the worker (to cover for expenses while injured) and the company (to avoid being filed a personal injury claim). When no settlement on the worker’s compensation is agreed upon, then the injured worker can file for a personal injury claim.

Because personal injury claims are a daunting task to prove in court, most of these cases are settled outside of court before they are actually heard. After gathering the necessary evidence for a personal injury claim, find a lawyer who can properly fight and represent your claim. They can also help in calculating the amount of compensation that could be settled, along the special damages, past economic losses, and future losses.

Personal injury lawsuits damage a company’s reputation, and could cause them to lose a lot of money as well as waste important time. This is why as part or protecting themselves from employers who only wishes to milk them through personal injury lawsuits, WorkSTEPS recommends having effective pre-employment testing and evaluation. These examinations help in ensuring that the right person will be hired for the specific job, lowering that chances of accidents in the workplace and promote a more productive workplace environment.